Rays again awash in prospects

Three times in four years? Not bad, not bad at all:

    The Rays are back on top of the Baseball America organizational talent rankings.

    The Rays were ranked No. 1 in 2007 and 2008, then dropped to fourth last year. Baseball America moved them back to the top of the chart, which is included in the just released Prospect Handbook, with this comment:

    "The Rays couldn't develop a pitcher for the first decade of their existence, and now they have more than they know what to do with. In Desmond Jennings, they have come up with yet another of their signatures: a toolsy, athletic outfielder in the Carl Crawford/B.J. Upton line."

Running through the Rays' top 11 prospects, we find one outfielder (Jennings), three pitchers (including Wade Davis, who pitched so well last season), two shortstops, and five more pitchers. Considering how many good players the Rays already have in the majors, almost any positional mix would be perfectly fine. But I'm sure they wish they had a hot catching prospect. Luke Bailey makes the list at No. 12, and he's immensely talented but hasn't played a professional game yet and is at least three or four years from doing anything for the big club.

Of course, with all those pitching prospects the Rays should be able to trade for whatever they need. That's mostly what pitching prospects are for.