Podcast: Soler, Ethier, Trout, Vlad

A few new and interesting contracts were in the news as Keith Law and I gathered for Tuesday's Baseball Today podcast!

1. Jorge Soler signed a nine-year deal to become a member of the Chicago Cubs. Law has the goods on this top outfield prospect.

2. Andre Ethier and the Los Angeles Dodgers will be partners for the next five years. Do we feel as good about this contract?

3. Should Angels stud Mike Trout play in the All-Star Game? Should he get MVP votes? Yeah, he's that good.

4. Our emailers want to talk about Stony Brook, international free agent strategy, team construction and arm slot for pitchers.

5. Tuesday's schedule features more interleague, with streaking Clay Buchholz back on the mound in Miami, Felix Hernandez getting a gift with the Padres and Zack Greinke returning to Kansas City.

So download and listen to Tuesday's Baseball Today podcast, because in this business, like Brandon Morrow and his oblique injury, we're all day to day!