Monday Mendozas

Today's links were hastily assembled while I tried to figure out who Justin Bieber is and why he's so popular on Twitter ...

* Via Tyler Kepner in the Times, Chad Moeller remembers a few of many, many interesting pitchers he's caught during his 10-year, seven-team career.

* Inspired by last week's blog post about George Strickland, The Common Man finds some answers I should have found (and will next time, now that I know more about Google Newspapers).

* I don't know this Mister Baseball fellow, but I love his photo project of baseball fields in Europe.

* Speaking of love and ballparks, Larry Granillo spent a great deal of time on this incredible timeline of stadiums and stadium names.

* Crashburn Alley is worried that the Phillies won't be able to afford Jayson Werth after this season. The "solution?" Let's just say it would shock your average Phillies fan.

* What happened to the player-manager, once so popular? David Laurila asks Mark Armour this and more while discussing Armour's new biography of Joe Cronin.

* You've probably noticed that it's baseball-book season, and we're just getting started. Here's a blurb-centric preview from Keith Olbermann of an upcoming entrant in the publishing sweepstakes.

* Kerry Wood says he wasn't overworked. Who you gonna believe? Anyway, Jim Riggleman's not exactly enthusiastic about his regrets, saying (among other things) that nobody at the time was concerned about Wood's workload. But as FJB points out, au contraire, mon ex-manager.