Monday Mendozas

Today's links can't figure out how the Academy could get "The Hurt Locker" so right, but Sandra Bullock so wrong ...

* WBRU.com's Ethan Hammerman offers five thoughts from the MIT-Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston last Saturday, and David Pinto has even more (with baseball-specific stuff here).

* I managed to buttonhole Michael Lewis, and got this bit of news: the rebooted Moneyball movie, scripted by Aaron Sorkin, is scheduled to start shooting in June. According to Lewis, Brad Pitt's still going to play Billy Beane. But Demetri Martin's out as Paul DePodesta. Instead -- ready for this? -- the ex-football player and Harvard graduate will be portrayed by ... Jonah Hill.

* FanHouse's Frankie Pilliere presents the first comprehensive Aroldis Chapman scouting report that I've seen.

* Ever wonder about the Rule 5 draft? Doesn't really matter. Joe Posnanski has. And when Joe wonders about something ... well, you know what happens next.

* Does anyone reading this still need (or want) a UZR primer? There have been so many primers this winter that we're probably getting close to the point of pointlessness. But South Side Sox keeps doing good work and we're still a few weeks from Opening Day so here you go.

* I'm (almost) sure I'm being terribly unfair, but this reminds me of Effa Manley.

* Ian Kennedy's a former first-round pick who throws five pitches and has a 1.95 career ERA in the minor leagues. Here's a prediction for you: He'll finish 2009 with a better ERA than whoever winds up being the Yankees' No. 5 starter.

* Sorry to hear about Russell Coltrane Martin's injury, but at least it might get A.J. Ellis and his (almost) .400 career on-base percentage into the lineup a few times.

* At the end of Bob Nightengale's report on an informal meeting of various people discussing ways to improve the game on the field, one of the most bizarre notions I've ever seen: (supposedly) according to Scott Boras and Dusty Baker, if rosters were expanded to 26 players, teams would add another pitcher and there would fewer pitching changes. Of course that's preposterous. The more pitchers you've got, the more pitching changes you'll make.