Lincecum tires of same old questions

Andrew Baggarly on the aftermath of a(nother) rough outing for Tim Lincecum:

    There were a few national writers in the media group after Lincecum came out of the game and they had some of the usual questions about his size or facing the Mariners. Lincecum remained patient and polite, but he’s clearly frustrated with old lines of questioning. And it led to a couple of strong quotes.

    “Yeah, I know,” he said. “I’m small and I’m going to break down. Same in high school. Same in college. It used to motivate me. Now it’s, `Get over it. Watch the game.’”

    Lincecum might have opened up the line of questioning when he said he’s learning his body and dealing with changes. He was referring to the workload of two consecutive seasons above the 225-inning mark.

    Left unsaid was the knowledge that 94 mph won’t be there as easily or consistently as it was in the past. That’s why Lincecum is working on the breaking stuff.

    Bochy said he wasn’t concerned with Lincecum’s two linescores thus far, citing the high ERAs that Nolan Ryan used to post every spring.

    “Timmy’s going to be fine,” Bochy said. “His stuff’s fine and he’s healthy. You’ll see Timmy get better and better with each outing.”

I do feel sorry for these guys, sometimes. Can you imagine having to answer the same questions, dozens and sometimes hundreds of times? Questions, foolish or perhaps not, that don't have satisfying answers?

Lincecum's got a 9.82 ERA in two short spring outings. That's not meaningless, but it's the next best thing.

He's relatively slight of build, which might seem like a serious concern if he hadn't just won a couple of Cy Young Awards.

Lincecum might not stay perfectly healthy through his 20s; most of them don't. But let's not assume there's anything wrong with him until there's actually something wrong with him.