King Felix versus the Angels

Last night I tweeted, "Good news for A's fans: King Felix pitches Wednesday against the Angels, which means he misses the A's this weekend and makes his final start against the Angels on Monday."

One thing I didn't mention, because I didn't look it up until now: Hernandez has started three times against the Angels; the Angels won all three games, and they scored five runs off Felix each game.

Hernandez started five games against the A's -- and went 1-2 with a 4.01 ERA (the A's won three of the games). So, basically, Felix has been terrible against the Angels and A's and great against everyone else.

Can we read anything into those three starts against the Angels? Probably not. Hernandez had 17 strikeouts and four walks, a SO/BB ratio right in line with his season numbers. The Angels have been more effective at putting the ball in play against him and hammered out 24 hits in 20.1 innings.

Still, I'll go out a limb and suggest the A's won't complain about facing Blake Beavan while the Angels get Hernandez twice.