MLB's least popular jerseys

You'd think everyone in the greater New York metro area who would want a Derek Jeter jersey would have one by now, but such is not the case: For the third straight year, Jeter's jersey was the top-selling jersey. Jeter beat out Josh Hamilton, the new Yankees jersey for Ichiro Suzuki and hot-shot rookies Bryce Harper and Mike Trout.

OK, that's fine. We could have predicted those would be the most popular jerseys. But what about the least popular jerseys? Let's take an unscientific guesstimate:

10. Bobby Valentine, Red Sox. Considering manager jerseys aren't big sellers to begin, it's no surprise this cracked the top 10.

9. Aaron Cook Red Sox. Cook has made 18 starts for the Red Sox and has 20 strikeouts. Or as many as Angels pitchers recorded in one game. How is this even possible? Why did the Red Sox continue running him out there? The last pitcher to make at least 10 starts and average fewer than 2.0 K's per nine: Hilly Hathaway in 1993. No, really, that's a real name. I didn't make it up.

8. Jason Bay, Mets. The Mets are on the hook for $16 million more in 2013 (plus a $3 million buyout), so you can probably find Bay jerseys pretty cheap on eBay. If you're so inclined to want one.

7. Nick Blackburn, Twins. He went 4-9 with a 7.39 ERA in 19 starts. Only nine other pitchers have ever thrown as many innings with a higher ERA. Three of them pitched for the 1930 Phillies. Would you be surprised to know that team lost 102 games?

6. Johnny Damon, Indians. Yeah, that whole Johnny Damon era in Cleveland didn't work out so well.

5. Steve Pearce, Orioles/Astros/Yankees. He actually batted cleanup for the Yankees on Aug. 28. Hey, on the bright side, he has a 20 percent chance of collecting a World Series share.

4. Heath Bell, Marlins. Too easy, my readers. Too easy.

3. Chad Qualls, Phillies/Yankees/Pirates. Do not bring up Qualls' name around Phillies fans.

2. Chuckie Fick, Astros. Although six frat boys from the University of Houston purchased one because they thought it was funny to have a jersey that says FICK.

1. Chone Figgins, Mariners. Amazingly, Figgins tops the list for a third straight year. He's the anti-Jeter!