Thursday Throneberries

Today's links ... well, they're strange, that's all.

* It's a strange new world. Follow this Twitter thread -- first one, then two, and three -- and tell me, how am I supposed to do anything but pull for C.J. Wilson to pitch well against the Blue Jays Thursday afternoon?

* Strange New World, Part 2: Josh Lewin makes a guest blog appearance to respond to petty criticism by blog commenters.

* Strange New World, Part 3: First, Scott McCaughey (and friends) used catchy melodies and electric guitars to chronicle baseball history. Now they're tracking the 2010 baseball season, and this song is pretty great.

* Sure, Wezen-Ball's great when he's writing about Charlie Brown, or delving into old issues of Mickey Mantle's Baseball Magazine for nuggets about Roger Maris' golf handicap. But who knew Larry could break huge news stories, too?

* I tweeted this Wednesday, but it's awesome enough to deserve a repeat link. (Play around some and report back in the comments, please.)

* Cool interview with a guy who made a documentary about the Seattle Pilots (which I haven't seen but just ordered here).

* This guy really gets it, is the thing.

* Collusion, really? J.C. and Tango aren't buying it, but Craig suggests that the line's grey enough to result in some sort of action.

* Speaking of Mr. Calcaterra, have you ever wondered what a "simulated game" is? Wonder no longer.