Padres' leftovers good enough for Yankees?

Let's offer a hearty welcome (back) to blogger Paul DePodesta, who writes about the Padres losing Grade C prospect Chad Huffman in a waiver claim to the Yankees ...

The Good

We're now at the point where we're losing good players in these situations, which speaks well of our organizational depth. Ok, I admit that's a pyrrhic victory of sorts. The main "good" to take from this situation is the acquisition of Aaron Cunningham (and even the re-acquisition of Scott Hairston). Aaron, in all candor, moved ahead of Chad on the corner OF depth chart, and the play of both Blanks and Venable didn't help either ...

The Bad

We lost the player. And, he's a pretty good one. Chad was a 2nd round pick in 2006 out of TCU and has been a successful minor league hitter throughout his pro career, posting an OPS over .800 in each season. While crushing lefties early in his career, Chad had his most successful year yet against RHP during his first season in AAA in 2009. He always controlled the strike zone and also hit for some power - a combination we like. We think he'll be a good Major League hitter.

Sorry, not quite buying it. You don't let good Major League hitters get away so easily. Huffman turns 25 in a few weeks. Last year his MLE was something like .235/.310/.380, which obviously isn't nearly good enough for the majors. Granted, he's got some room for growth, but without good speed or defense it'll be an upset if he's ever more than a fifth outfielder.

In all candor, if this move says something good about the Padres, it also says something bad about the Yankees, who are exceptionally short of good young outfielders in the higher levels of their system.

Anyway, it's good to have DePodesta back among our ranks after four months of non-blogging. We're watching, DePo ...