Mike Piazza makes ONE Hall of Fame

I've mentioned this before: While the Baseball Writers Association of America have become very stingy on their Hall of Fame elections (and that's aside from the candidates associated with PEDs), other groups are just as stingy -- if not more so.

There is a group called the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America, founded in 2009 by Howard Cole. Each year, the IBWAA holds an alternative Hall of Fame election. I was one of the voters this year, as were fellow ESPN writers Mark Simon and Jim Caple. So this year the IBWAA elected ... Mike Piazza. One guy.

Piazza just squeezed past the 75 percent threshold at 79 percent. But Craig Biggio (64 percent) and Jeff Bagwell (51 percent) didn't make. Neither did Roger Clemens (52 percent) or Barry Bonds (51 percent), although I suspect they received a higher percentage than they'll get from the BBWAA. The IBWAA hasn't elected Barry Larkin, whom the BBWAA elected last year.

(For more information on the IBWAA and the complete voting results, go here.

Similarly, the SportsNation ballot would elect ... well, nobody. The fans are toughest of all, as Biggio topped the ballot with 69 percent of the vote, followed by Piazza at 67 percent.

High standards everyone, very high.