Monday Mendozas

Today's links are still recovering, not from the 20-inning game and the no-hitter ... but from missing the 20-inning game and the no-hitter.

* At MLB Trade Rumors, Nick Collias has an excellent summary of the vociferous Dominican opposition to an international draft. As usual, it's all (or mostly) about the money.

* Tomorrow's the 20th anniversary of one of the more memorable games I've seen, and Larry Stone talked to just about everyone who mattered in it.

* The Dave Duncan Effect? It's real, and it's fantastic.

* Tyler Kepner on Ron Washington's relationship with his players. Short answer: Everyone's saying the right things (and probably will as long as the Rangers are winning).

* I've made this point many times, but it's worth making again (as Tango does): Jackie Robinson was, among everything else, a great player.

* Tony La Russa's occasionally been described as "arrogant" (and probably by me, once or twice), but at least he'll entertain some questions after losing a 20-inning game.

* You know, it's really hard to like David Samson when he says stuff like this.

* Meanwhile, it's stuff like this that ages those poor managers prematurely (except Joe Torre, who seems to be immune to such trivial concerns).