Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links are wondering if there's ever been a game quite like the one in the Fens Tuesday night ...

* If you click on one of my links this week, it should this one, as Mike Fast checks the old story about the windup vs. the stretch and finds ... nah, go see for yourself.

* Via the Biz of Baseball's Maury Brown, everything you want to know (and more!) about this season's Opening Day payrolls.

* It's a shame to see Tuffy Rhodes put to pasture before his time.

* Missed this story last week ... the White Sox have a rookie relief pitcher throwing 95, which wouldn't be particularly notable except until about a year ago, he was a shortstop.

* For any fans of the baseball history, in Portland ... tomorrow night I'll be at Annie Bloom's Books, sitting in the audience while my friends Mark Armour and Steve Steinberg talk about their books.

* Hey, you like baseball and watching stuff get blown up? Then have I ever got the link for you ...

* Hey, we're hiring!

* I wish I'd seen this brilliant (as usual) graph last week, but better today than never.

* Bob Brenly isn't among Alfonso Soriano's biggest fans ... but considering that Soriano's under contract through 2014, Brenly figures to have hundreds more games to learn to love.