Over/unders for all 30 teams

Bovada.lv has released its 2013 over/under win totals. The following information is presented for entertainment purposes only:

Arizona Diamondbacks: 81.5

Atlanta Braves: 88.5

Baltimore Orioles: 78.5

Boston Red Sox: 82.5

Chicago Cubs: 72.5

Chicago White Sox: 80.5

Cincinnati Reds: 91.5

Cleveland Indians: 76.5

Colorado Rockies: 70.5

Detroit Tigers: 92.5

Houston Astros: 59.5

Kansas City Royals: 78.5

Los Angeles Angels: 92.5

Los Angeles Dodgers: 91.5

Miami Marlins: 63.5

Milwaukee Brewers: 81.5

Minnesota Twins: 67.5

New York Mets: 74.5

New York Yankees: 88.5

Oakland Athletics: 83.5

Philadelphia Phillies: 83.5

Pittsburgh Pirates: 77.5

San Diego Padres: 74.5

San Francisco Giants: 87.5

Seattle Mariners: 77.5

St. Louis Cardinals: 85.5

Tampa Bay Rays: 86.5

Texas Rangers: 86.5

Toronto Blue Jays: 87.5

Washington Nationals: 92.5

Last week, Grantland's Jonah Keri mentioned three teams he would absolutely stay away from (using slightly different totals, he picked the Braves, Cardinals and Brewers). FanGraphs' Dave Cameron, also referencing slightly different lines than above, chose the over on the Red Sox (79.5), Blue Jays (86.5), Indians (77.5) and Cubs (72); his unders were the Dodgers (90) and White Sox (80.5).

So, again for entertainment only, my three overs and three unders as we wait for the first spring games:


Diamondbacks (81.5): They went 81-81 last year but underperformed their run differential by five wins. They have rotation depth to sustain an injury or bad year and added some arms in the bullpen. And it's not like Justin Upton was that great last year.

A's (83.5): As I wrote in the offseason report card, I'm staying on the Oakland bandwagon. The A's added depth throughout the infield, where they received poor production everywhere except first base, their outfield is one of the best in the majors, they have rotation depth and a deep arsenal of arms in the bullpen.

Nationals (92.5): That's a high win total for an over, but this team had the best record last year, will get a full year from Stephen Strasburg, will get a better year from Bryce Harper and have maybe the best rotation and bullpen in the National League.


Cubs (72.5): The Cubs added some nice secondary-type players in the offseason, but to beat this they have to be 12 games better than last year -- and they don't play all those games against the Astros. Plus, if guys like Scott Baker and Scott Feldman actually do pitch well, they'll probably be traded away.

White Sox (80.5): I agree with Dave here. The Indians and Royals and even the Tigers look better on paper, while the White Sox didn't do much in the offseason. But we tend to always underestimate the South Siders.

Rockies (70.5): Seems like the unders are a lot tougher. Must be that spring optimism. Even with a healthy Troy Tulowitzki, the Rockies have problems and return only one pitcher that threw more than 100 innings, and that's Jeff Francis.