Over/under: Homers from Braves outfield

A reader suggested this one in Tuesday's chat: 91 home runs from the Braves outfield trio of Jason Heyward, B.J. Upton and Justin Upton.

We start with last year's totals:

Heyward: 27

B.J. Upton: 28

Justin Upton: 17

Well, 72 is a long way from 91. If we sub in Justin Upton's 2011 figure -- 31 home runs -- then we're a lot closer at 86. There is also the possibility that Heyward, at 23, is just tapping into his power potential, and that B.J. Upton could hit 30 moving into a little better home run park.

Could all three hit 30? Sure, it's a possibility, although two teams have ever had three outfielders hit 30:

1941 Yankees: Charlie Keller (33), Tommy Henrich (31), Joe DiMaggio (30)

1963 Twins: Harmon Killebrew (45), Bob Allison (35) Jimmie Hall (33)

Killebrew also played first and third during his Twins career, but all 137 of his starts in '63 came in left field. Those were two pretty good teams, by the way. The Yankees won the World Series and the Twins hit 225 home runs while leading the AL in runs scored and won 91 games.

Can the Braves outfielders hit 91 home runs?