Dawson talks to Ramirez, world

This is like reading Us Weekly. Well, maybe not exactly like that. But should we really be reading this?

    The door closed, and Andre Dawson looked directly into Hanley Ramirez's eyes.

    "I'm not going to say a lot, because if you say the wrong the thing to me, then you might wind up on the floor on your rear end," Dawson said with Tony Perez standing by his side in a coach's office at Sun Life Stadium.

    For 15 minutes, Ramirez sat and listened as the two Hall of Famers, who also work as Marlins assistants, tried to assess for Ramirez exactly the damage he had done to himself by ripping into his manager for pulling him off the field Monday night because he didn't hustle.

    Dawson said he did most of the talking in this intervention, which took place about an hour before Tuesday's game. Dawson today recounted it like this:

    "Look, I'm going to level with you," he told Ramirez. "You either hear me or you don't. For one, you're not bigger than the game. You don't show a manager up. The way you're going about this is literally the wrong way. It's an immature act … and this could come back to bite you in the rear end in the worst way.'

    Ramirez didn't say a word. His eyes darted from Dawson's to Perez's and then he looked away.

    "You really have stepped across the line,' Dawson said. "You owe that manager a sincere apology. And if you think your teammates have your back with this, you've got another thing coming because the mind-set, and this is from me to you, the mind-set is these guys are laughing at you."

It seems to me the Marlins have mostly handled this thing pretty well. I just can't figure out who gains anything from Andre Dawson recounting what probably should have been a private conversation. As someone argued in a comment here, "Dawson should keep his mouth shut to the reporters. This should come out 20 years from now in some book on Hanley."

It's fine, and perhaps necessary, that Ramirez apologized to his teammates and his manager and anyone else within earshot. But we don't have any way of knowing what's in Ramirez's heart. Did he magically go from resentful to remorseful in his heart, all because Andre Dawson's man-to-boy chat? I sort of doubt it. Ramirez's resentment may yet fester, and it may fester a bit more because Dawson couldn't keep his mouth shut.

Like it or not, the Marlins are stuck with Hanley Ramirez, a legitimately great player whose contract runs through 2014. Andre Dawson, though? He's just an old ex-player with a good reputation, and those guys are not hard to find, especially in Florida. If I'm running the Marlins, I might find another name in my Rolodex the next time one of my kids needs a lecture. Too bad this guy's not still available. At least he kept a low profile, when he wasn't inspiring the youths.