Monday Mendozas

Today's links are still wondering how you spend years on an island with no potato chips or hamburgers and still manage to gain a few pounds ...

* Ultimate Zone Rating is bigger and better, and MGL has all the juicy details.

* How is interleague play unfair? Let Joe Sheehan count the ways ...

* Just in case you need more evidence (you shouldn't) that one-run games are a crap shoot and you can't count on winning more than your fair share, we present ... your 2010 Seattle Mariners.

* Tim Marchman on why scoring's down in the American League (but he never quite answers, to my satisfaction anyway, why scoring isn't down in the National League, too).

* Can the Rays continue to pitch this well? Not if Bill Baer's spider chart is telling the truth (and I know it's sort of gimmicky, but man do I love the spider chart).

* From Greg Jayne, a nice little primer on 2009's best baserunners (according to Baseball Info Solutions).

* Yes, it looked awful. But I think Nyjer Morgan's teammates and his manager handled this one perfectly.

* Ah, more of those unwritten rules. Who knew you were supposed to stop scoring in the fourth inning?

* You've heard about that kid pitcher, right? The one who was drafted just last summer and is already blowing away veteran hitters? No, not that kid pitcher. The one who's already in the majors and still hasn't lost a game.