New trend in MLB uniform patches

Red Sox pitcher John Lackey dons a memorial patch for Dr. Lewis Yocum. AP Photo/Gus Ruelas

There's nothing new about teams wearing memorial patches after someone connected to the team passes away. But in the past few weeks we've seen a new phenomenon: Players wearing another team's memorial patch.

This trend began on June 20, when the Los Angeles Angels hosted the Seattle Mariners. The Angels had begun wearing a memorial patch for team physician Dr. Lewis Yocum about three weeks earlier. But when the Mariners visited Anaheim that night, three Seattle players -- Felix Hernandez, Raul Ibañez, and Kendrys Morales, all of whom had apparently known Dr. Yocum or been examined by him -- wore the Angels' memorial patch for Dr. Yocum.

Maybe that gave the Angels some ideas. When the Cardinals came to Anaheim last week, the entire Angels team wore the Cards' memorial patch for Stan Musial on their BP jerseys (but not on their game jerseys).

And then the Yocum patch made another cross-team appearance Sunday night, as several Red Sox players, including starting pitcher John Lackey, wore the Yocum patch on their game jerseys. Will players from other teams wear the Yocum patch as their clubs play in Anaheim throughout the balance of the season?

What do you think of all this? Is it OK for a team to wear another team's patch, or will that eventually lead to a patch-o-rama free-for-all?

Paul Lukas runs the Uni Watch blog.