Will D-Train save the Diamondbacks?

From a Tweet earlier today:

    I'm told interest in Dontrelle Willis from at least 4 teams: Dbax, Mets, Brewers, Marlins

You know what? I get the Marlins, because ... Wait, no I don't. The Marlins have five starters, and the worst of them (Nate Robertson) is exactly the same pitcher as Willis -- veteran left-hander who can't control the strike zone -- but without the baggage.

Those other three teams ... I don't know. Yes, they're all desperate for pitching, but when you're trying to get out of a hole, don't you have to first stop digging? Over the last three seasons, Willis is 2-8 with 6.86 ERA. Granted, he seems to have made a little progress this season, actually striking out (slightly) more hitters than he walked. But he's got so much further to go ... and now it looks like he'll get his chance with the Diamondbacks; according to multiple reports (including this one), Willis has signed with Arizona, which has the second-worst record in the National League. At least he probably won't throw enough strikes to join the Diamondbacks' home-run brigade.

Update: Willis isn't actually a free agent, so can't "sign" with anyone. However, the latest has him being traded to the Diamondbacks for Billy Buckner.