D-backs' Gutierrez shooting for a record

AZ Snakepit on the Diamondback's running their losing streak to nine, in most excruciating fashion:

    The game rolled on as Aaron Heilman pitched a scoreless ninth inning despite giving up back-to-back singles. A.J. Hinch then decided to go with Guti in the 10th, and the recap can pretty much end there. Matt Kemp hits a homerun and the losing streak goes to nine. Juan Gutierrez has the worst HR/9 of ALL TIME in a season for pitchers having pitched 18 innings or more. Mike Lincoln is 2nd with a HR/9 of 4.35 in 2000. In the last three games our starters have pitched 22 innings, and allowed four earned runs, for a 1.64 ERA; we have lost all three games. At this point, I don't even think St. Penelope can help us.

Kemp's home run was his 11th in 52 games, which is really good. Juan Gutierrez' home run allowed was his 10th in 18 innings, which is really, really, really bad. Really.

There are three teams with relief ERAs higher than 5: Cleveland, Milwaukee, and Arizona.

But grouping them together isn't fair to the Indians, with their 5.34 ERA. Or even to the Brewers, with their 6.30 ERA. The Diamondbacks have a 7.70 relief ERA ... and among their relievers, Gutierrez' 10.31 ERA isn't even the worst. That honor goes to Bob Howry (10.67 in 14 innings). And they've been ably supported by Chad Qualls (7.64), Blaine Boyer (7.82) and Leo Rosales (8.10).

Why not just release Gutierrez? Because before this season, he threw 95 and was pretty good. This season -- if you believe the Pitchf/x data -- he's throwing 86, which suggests that there's something really, really, really wrong with him, and doesn't belong in the majors and probably shouldn't be pitching anywhere. I don't trust that data, though. Gutierrez threw four fastballs last night: 93, 95, 94, 94 (according to the Dodgers broadcast).

Why not just send Gutierrez to the minors? Because, according to this, Gutierrez is out of minor-league options, which means he would have to pass through waivers or be lost to another club. And as long he's throwing 93-95, he's not getting through waivers.

So the Diamondbacks would seem to be stuck. Don't be surprised if Hinch is gone before Gutierrez.