Friday Filberts

Today's links are just killing time until R.A. Dickey runs his record to 4-0 ...

  • What are the Strasburg Rules? Nobody's saying, exactly. But Jim Riggleman offers a hint (and no, I don't think it'll wind up being an issue in September).

  • The Dodgers probably never had any intention of signing their first-round draft pick, and David Cameron tells us what that means (and might mean, next time around).

  • Sure, it was probably foolish for the Dodgers' owners to spend more than $100,000 (probably a lot more) on a mentalist. But more foolish than this?

  • I know Keri's going to be all over this one ... The Daily Something asks one of Baseball's Big Questions: Who will be the last Expo?

  • It can't have been easy, but A Building Roam somehow ties together our most famous umpire and Ireland's most famous writer.

  • Great (and perhaps essential) stuff from Jeremy Greenhouse on Dollars per WAR.

  • Fortunately, everyone's OK so we can laugh a little about this.

  • From Pitchers and Poets, an interview with Craig Robinson, one of the people who makes the Internet worth living.