Jayson Werth could win batting title

You may not realize this about Jayson Werth since he's not listed among the National League batting leaders, but that will change in a few days. Entering Tuesday, Chris Johnson of the Braves was hitting .335, Yadier Molina .334 and Michael Cuddyer .323.

Werth was hitting .330 but was nine plate appearances short of qualifying (you need 3.1 PAs per team game played). Once Werth qualifies it should be a fun race down the stretch ... if you're still into batting titles (or, more accurately, the batting average title).

Werth is hitting .408 since the All-Star break, best in the majors, and is second to Miguel Cabrera in OPS since the break. The Nationals are having a disastrous year, but Werth has been one of the few bright spots.