The year in happy Astros quotes

The Houston Astros were not very good in 2013. In fact, they were only the fourth team since World War II to lose more than 110 games in a season.

The Astros weren’t very good in 2011 or 2012 either. They have lost 106 or more games in each of the last three seasons.

But none of this is news. And why dwell on the negative? Sure, the Astros lost 111 games, but they also won 51 games against major league teams. Let's look back at the positive, happy and excited quotes that followed each of Houston's remarkable 51 wins this year.

Know hope. And admire the Astros for making it through another season without giving up.

Win 1: 8-2 vs. Rangers, March 31

"To sit at 1-0 right now feels pretty darn good, and we've just got to go back out there on Tuesday and play some more baseball." -- pitcher Bud Norris

Loss 1

Loss 2

Loss 3

Loss 4

Loss 5

Loss 6

Win 2: 16-9 at Mariners, April 9

"We showed today what the team really has. I guess the guys wake up today. I look at it that way." -- second baseman Jose Altuve

Win 3: 8-3 at Mariners, April 10

"Everyone's confidence was still rolling into today." -- first baseman Chris Carter

Win 4: 5-0 at Angels, April 12

"[Bud Norris] is a No. 1 starter and he's pitched a lot of big games. I think his best years are definitely ahead of him. He's growing up right in front of our eyes, and it's a pleasure to see." -- manager Bo Porter

Loss 7

Loss 8

Loss 9

Loss 10

Loss 11

Win 5: 3-2 vs. Indians, April 19

"I'm very proud of the guys tonight." -- Porter

Loss 12

Loss 13

Loss 14

Win 6: 3-2 vs. Mariners, April 23

"Every win is big." -- reliever Hector Ambriz

Win 7: 10-3 vs. Mariners, April 24

"I wanted to be a professional ballplayer and play at the highest level and being an Astro is just the icing on the cake." -- outfielder Robbie Grossman

Loss 15

Loss 16

Loss 17

Loss 18

Win 8: 9-1 at Yankees, April 29

"I know they can do it. You're just waiting for it to happen night in and night out and be consistent. That's why we stay positive, because we know it's in there." -- Porter

Loss 19

Loss 20

Loss 21

Loss 22

Loss 23

Loss 24

Win 9: 7-6 vs. Angels, May 7

"Losing two tough games to Detroit last series and getting swept by them, just winning this game I think helped the team a lot." -- Carter

Win 10: 3-1 vs. Angels, May 8

"[Jimmy Paredes] is a guy that we know can add some excitement to our ballclub. It's a combination of speed, it's power. I think this guy; he's turned the corner and allowed his ability to play. It's a joy to watch." -- Porter [Paredes finished the season with one home run and four stolen bases in 48 games.]

Loss 25

Loss 26

Loss 27

Loss 28

Loss 29

Loss 30

Win 11: 7-5 at Tigers, May 15

"Sometimes we pitch good but we don't hit. Sometimes we hit but we don't pitch good. Sometimes we put it together like today. We've been scoring some runs. It takes things like this to turn around some things." – catcher Carlos Corporan

Loss 31

Win 12: 4-2 at Pirates, May 18

"Even though we've had our share of bumps and bruises, we're going to hit a stretch where we start playing well and put together a string of games like we played tonight. It's a tremendous group of guys in that clubhouse." -- Porter

Loss 32

Win 13: 6-5 vs. Royals, May 20

"I'm trying to figure some things out and be more consistent. I've been able to get some big hits, and hopefully, the average will be there by the end of the year." -- third baseman Matt Dominguez, who finished the season with a .241 average

Loss 33

Win 14: 3-1 vs. Royals, May 22

"The bullpen had been taxed for a while, but the starters have definitely hit their groove." -- Porter

Loss 34

Loss 35

Loss 36

Win 15: 3-2 vs. Rockies, May 27

"I think these kind of wins are definitely something that can catapult you forward from just an energy standpoint. Finding a way as a team and to come out on top, that momentum can carry over." -- Porter

Loss 37

Win 16: 6-3 at Rockies, May 29

"That was good baseball there." -- Porter

Win 17: 7-5 at Rockies, May 30

"Normally when you make four errors, especially in a ballpark like this, you're probably looking at a bunch of crooked numbers. We did a good job of minimizing the damage." -- Porter

Win 18: 6-3 at Angels, May 31

"We're just trying to ride this out. We're going out there and playing hard-nosed baseball. We're playing good defense, our pitching's been outstanding and we've been getting big hits when we need them." -- outfielder Brandon Barnes

Win 19: 2-0 at Angels, June 1

"This group has come together. Day in and day out, these guys are picking each other up -- from the bullpen to the bench players -- and the coaching staff has pushed that out of us. Everybody is picking up their end of the bargain, and it's been pretty good to see." -- Norris

Win 20: 5-4 at Angels, June 2

"It says that we can beat anybody in this league. If we can compete with the Angels, then we can compete with anybody." -- Ambriz

Win 21: 2-1 at Angels, June 3

"I feel like we're playing really good baseball. We had been playing good baseball, but now we're starting to win those crucial break points. ... I look at the talent in that room. I know the potential we have. You're starting to see we're coming together." -- Porter

Loss 38

Win 22: 11-7 vs. Orioles, June 5

"It's a blast. We all pull for each other. We have a pretty good group. I think we all get along very well and we genuinely pull for each other, so when someone else has success it's like everyone is just enjoying it." -- designated hitter Carlos Pena

Loss 39

Loss 40

Loss 41

Loss 42

Loss 43

Loss 44

Win 23: 6-1 at Mariners, June 12

"It was definitely good to see the guys break out and put together some good at-bats." -- Porter

Win 24: 2-1 vs. White Sox, June 14

"That is what you call straight effort baseball. Guys just legging out infield hits and giving it everything they have hustling on the bases. Just an all-around tremendous job." -- Porter

Win 25: 4-3 vs. White Sox, June 15

"I'm extremely happy." -- Porter

Win 26: 5-4 vs. White Sox, June 16

"The starting pitching has been tremendous." -- Porter

Loss 45

Win 27: 10-1 vs. Brewers, June 18

"I think this is what we're capable of doing. I'm not talking about scoring 10 runs, but putting nice run support up for our pitchers. If they go and do what they are supposed to and give us a quality start then we have a chance to win. Today is one of the days that we show our potential as a team. It definitely feels good to see it actually happen." -- Pena

Loss 46

Win 28: 7-4 vs. Brewers, June 20

"What a ballgame. What a game. What a great homestand. I thought we were in every single game. This is a lot of momentum moving forward." -- Pena

Loss 47

Win 29: 4-3 at Cubs, June 22

"They keep battling, they keep fighting and we find a way to either get ourselves back into the game or make it a ballgame every night." -- Porter

Loss 48

Loss 49

Win 30: 4-3 vs. Cardinals, June 26

"For us to come out and battle and hang with them ... it's reassuring and it's good for the morale around here." -- catcher Jason Castro

Loss 50

Loss 51

Loss 52

Loss 53

Loss 54

Win 31: 4-1 vs. Rays, July 3

"Pure joy." -- Norris [The Astros traded Norris to the Orioles 28 days later.]

Loss 55

Loss 56

Win 32: 9-5 at Rangers, July 6

"One of the goals, along with winning the World Series, is playing in the All-Star Game. It's still kind of surreal." -- Castro

Loss 57

Loss 58

Loss 59

Win 33: 2-1 at Rays, July 12

"My whole family (was) here. I've got about 15 to 20 friends. My girlfriend's here. It's crazy." -- rookie pitcher Jarred Cosart on his major league debut

Loss 60

Loss 61

Loss 62

Loss 63

Loss 64

Loss 65

Win 34: 5-4 vs. A's, July 23

"It speaks to the resilience of that group in there. Every once in a while good things like this happen because you put yourself in position when you just keep fighting." -- Porter

Loss 66

Loss 67

Loss 68

Win 35: 8-6 at Blue Jays, July 27

"It was a good win for a ballclub that obviously has played well but not well enough to get over the hump." -- Porter

Loss 69

Loss 70

Win 36: 11-0 at Orioles, July 31

"What a tremendous job. It's amazing what happens when you throw strikes and don't put people on base." -- Porter

Loss 71

Loss 72

Loss 73

Loss 74

Win 37: 2-0 vs. Red Sox, August 5

"We have some guys who can create problems." -- Porter

Loss 75

Loss 76

Loss 77

Loss 78

Loss 79

Loss 80

Win 38: 5-4 at A's, August 13

"It's a big boost for the club and a big boost for the bullpen to get some big outs." -- Porter

Win 39: 2-1 at A's, August 14

"We've been playing pretty good. Things are going our way now. It's our turn." -- Corporan

Loss 81

Win 40: 8-2 at Angels, August 16

"We're playing hard and having fun." -- Carter

Loss 82

Win 41: 7-5 at Angels, August 18

"At some point, we're going to start to get our breaks. We're swinging the bats real well, and we're getting good starting pitching." -- Porter

Loss 83

Loss 84

Loss 85

Win 42: 12-4 vs. Blue Jays, August 23

"It's good when you have days like this. Everyone seems to be clicking on all cylinders. These are fun games. Everybody's upbeat and happy about this, and you'll sleep well at night when you have games like that." -- outfielder L.J. Hoes

Win 43: 8-5 vs. Blue Jays, August 24

"It's been a little while since we had a winning series at home, so that's been nice." -- Castro

Loss 86

Win 44: 10-8 at White Sox, August 26

"I couldn't be more proud of them." -- Porter

Loss 87

Loss 88

Loss 89

Loss 90

Loss 91

Win 45: 2-0 vs. Mariners, September 1

"Outstanding with a capital O." -- Porter

Loss 92

Loss 93

Win 46: 6-5 vs. Twins, September 4

"That's winning baseball." -- Porter

Win 47: 3-2 at A's, September 5

"These guys came into this series knowing what's at stake baseball-wise. [The A's] are fighting for a playoff spot, and obviously this is where we want to be as an organization. I think it's a great atmosphere for our players." -- Porter

Loss 94

Loss 95

Loss 96

Win 48: 6-4 at Mariners, September 9

"Young team learning how to win games, we did that today." -- outfielder Trevor Crowe

Win 49: 13-2 at Mariners, September 10

"That's the kind of night you wish you could have every night. When everyone's clicking on all cylinders." -- Hoes

Win 50: 6-1 at Mariners, September 11

"Definitely we want to finish strong. All the guys are coming together." -- pitcher Brad Peacock

Win 51: 9-7 vs. Angels, September 13

"I think this is the best complete baseball we've played all year from a starting-pitching standpoint, to an offensive standpoint, to hitting with men in scoring position, situational hitting, the bullpen coming in in tight situations and getting those crucial outs. As far the team goes, I think this is the best all-around baseball we've played." -- Porter

Loss 97

Loss 98

Loss 99

Loss 100

Loss 101

Loss 102

Loss 103

Loss 104

Loss 105

Loss 106

Loss 107

Loss 108

Loss 109

Loss 110

Loss 111