Monday Mendozas

Today's links might not hustle every time, but they're still going to dinner with Ozzie Guillen and they're not apologizing for nothing ...

  • As if we needed another reason to love Ernie Banks.

  • Rober Alan Dickey might be a knuckleball pitcher, but he's no nerd. Just ask him. (Tip of the chapeau to BTF's Newsstand.)

  • Last year the American League went 138-114 against the National League. This year the American League went 134-118. Looks like all the talk about the balance shifting will have to wait for at least one more year.

  • Maybe Tim Marchman's right and the White Sox are better than I thought. I will point out, since it might be my last chance, that the Sox have still been outscored this season.

  • I continue to take a great deal of pleasure in this fellow's success. No, he's probably not quite this good ... but he's plenty good enough.

  • Jonah Keri's got 10 things the Rays should do. Meanwhile, Jason Collette triples Keri's fun with 30 reasons for the Rays' recent struggles (12-19 in their last 31 games).

  • If Chase Utley doesn't win the Gold Glove this year, he probably never will.

  • John Kruk is right: This sets an unfortunate precedent. Are we going to reach a point where umpires are expected to apologize every time they miss a big call? I mean, I think a private apology is fine, so far as it goes. But a news story? I like the old way better. And I'll bet Major League Baseball does, too.

  • And for today's punchline -- courtesy of Ducksnorts -- it's really hard to beat the Astros (except on the field).