Tigers World Series favorites entering May

From Bovada.lv, updated odds to win the World Series:

Tigers: 13/2

Dodgers: 15/2

Yankees: 10/1

Cardinals: 10/1

Braves: 11/1

Nationals: 11/1

A's: 12/1

Red Sox: 14/1

Brewers: 14/1

Giants: 14/1

Those are the top 10. The biggest drops from March 31 belong to the Phillies (33/1 to 75/1), Pirates (28/1 to 50/1) and Mariners (33/1 to 50/1).

Of course, those are betting odds, which are different from sabermetric projections. The Yankees have better odds of winning here because more bets are placed on them. The numbers guys don't think the Yankees are near that good.

According to FanGraphs' playoff odds, which factor in current results and season-long projections, the top 10 teams with the best chance of winning the World Series:

Tigers: 15.3 percent

Dodgers: 11.0 percent

A's: 10.7 percent

Red Sox: 8.8 percent

Nationals: 8.8 percent

Cardinals: 6.4 percent

Braves: 5.5 percent

Giants: 5.0 percent

Angels: 4.7 percent

Rangers: 3.8 percent

So the two sources do agree on the Tigers. The Brewers are at 3.0 percent with a projected final record of 86-76. FanGraphs isn't completely buying into their hot start, calcuating a rest-of-season winning percentage of .491. What do you think?