Nady out, Swisher in (for sure)

Nady Swisher From Peter Abraham:

    BREAKING NEWS UPDATE, 12:55 p.m.: Nothing official yet, but the word is that Xavier Nady will need surgery and miss the season.
    UPDATE, 1:47 p.m.: We just spoke to Nady. He didn't want to say too much until he sees the team doctor in NYC tomorrow. But he indicated that the MRI showed a tear and surgery will be needed.

Nady left Tuesday's game with a sharp pain in his elbow. Obviously, sharp pains in the elbow that lead to surgery and long stretches on the Pavano.*
* In YankeeLand, "Pavano" = Disabled List.

Meanwhile, there's this other item from Abraham:

    SWISH AT THE DISH: Nick Swisher has hit in seven straight games this season at 11 of 24. He has 10 runs scored, 11 RBI and 9 extra-base hits. He has been on base in 15 of 28 plate appearances.

It was patently obvious before the season that Swisher should play regularly for the Yankees, with Nady assuming a supporting role. Rather than the other way around, as Joe Girardi said he preferred. Now, we had to figure that both Swisher would eventually take his rightful place because that's how these things usually happen. But rarely so quickly and dramatically!
You night think Nady's injury is a good thing for the Yankees because now Swisher has to play. But it's not anything like a good thing. Swisher was going to play anyway. Now the Yankees have lost a pretty good player and some needed depth on an aging roster. And I suspect they'll eventually have to go out and find another decent right-handed hitter.