Brawl: The love/hate relationship with Puig

Adam Wainwright wasn't trying to hit Yasiel Puig in the third inning, at least I don't think so. Puig was the first hitter in the inning in a 1-0 game. There's too much at stake to give away a baserunner in that situation when you're trying to beat Clayton Kershaw.

But, he did hit him, and the Dodgers are carrying some bad blood from last October, when Joe Kelly fractured Hanley Ramirez's rib in the first inning of Game 1 of the NLCS. Ramirez missed Game 2 and was ineffective the rest of the series, a key reason the Cardinals prevailed in six games. The Cardinals also have a reputation going back to the Tony La Russa days for sending certain messages to hitters.

That said, the Dodgers overreacted here, with Adrian Gonzalez playing the role of protector. Puig does seem to think everyone is out to get him. Hey, that's understandable as well, going back to last season when Ian Kennedy, then with with Diamondbacks, did go up and in to Puig with purpose and hit him in the face.

Kennedy's reasoning? "Puig plays the game with arrogance." Not joy. Not enthusiasm. Arrogance. That's the view of many -- players and fans, and the reason he's such a polarizing figure -- and my view is many are misreading the culture Puig comes from, in which players are actually allowed to have fun as they play the game. God forbid.

It also appeared Yadier Molina said something to Gonzalez, or vice versa, as Gonzalez stepped up to the plate, touching off the benches emptying. Anyway, a little spice to begin this series. A few of the printable tweets:

Anyway, if the Cardinals' plan was to get Puig off his game, it didn't work. The hit by pitch led to a two-run inning and then Puig delivered an RBI single and scored two more runs in the fourth.

Puig at this point in the game: 2-for-2 with a hit by pitch and two runs.

The last thing the Cardinals need is a fired-up Puig who has learned to direct his emotions for the good and not let them get the best of him (as appeared to happen in the NLCS last year, when he looked like a beaten dog every time he struck out).