Lorenzo Cain catching everything in center

There's an old quote about Garry Maddox, the great Philadelphia Phillies center fielder of the 1970s: "Water covers two-thirds of the Earth and Garry Maddox covers the other third."

That's the kind of defense Lorenzo Cain has been playing in the postseason -- and all season, really. The defensive metrics rate him as one of the game's best center fielders. In the top of the fifth inning, he made diving catches on consecutive batters, robbing Albert Pujols and then Howie Kendrick to help preserve the Royals' 7-2 lead. After the second catch, James Shields doffed his cap to Cain as he walked off the mound.

Well, since you asked: The Royals' outfield led the majors with 46 defensive runs saved. After watching them through four playoff games, we know why.