The wit, wisdom and poetry of Hunter Pence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- With his mop of curly hair, pants hiked up above his knees and energetic style of play, Hunter Pence is a fan favorite not just in San Francisco but across the country. Fans in out-of-town cities began bringing clever Hunter Pence signs to the ballpark and posting tweets under the #HunterPenceSigns hashtag.

But during Monday's World Series media session, Pence also showed that he's an aspiring poet and philosopher. Check out some of his words of wisdom:


Each player's family

the coaches



the fans

who have invested so much time

it's a tremendous accomplishment

and something the whole organization is a part of

so that's where it's way bigger than any one individual.

Being there

It's really big but at the same time

it can be really small

because I'm sure a lot of people

in other parts of the world

that have no idea what's going on.

So don't make it any bigger or lesser than it is.

It just is.


I'm very grateful that I get to do something that I love.

When you really, truly love something

and you remember how much you love it

because sometimes distractions can make it seem harder

and make it tougher on you

but when you back right down to the core of playing the game

that it is a game

I think acting off the emotion of love makes you better at what you do.


Take it all in moment by moment.

Yeah, it's easy to love the game

when you get to this stage

but when you're going through the losses

and going through the tough months

when there's so much doubt

to me, I take on that challenge

like how can you see victory

even when others see nothing.


Because it's funny.


I learn different things

about different cities

because a lot of them are unique to their city.

I remember one in particular here:

"Hunter Pence thinks he's in Kansas."

I was like, "We're not?"


Being called a dynasty is kind of a perspective thing.

It's an opinion.

It can never really be true.

What can be true is this team could win it this year.

We made it this far, so just focus hard on that.

I don't think we're playing now for an opinion on dynasties.

We're playing now for the guys and the work

and everything that's put into this year

that's completely unique and separate from years past.