Monday Mendozas

Today's links are laced corn syrup and 18 essential vitamins. So don't be shy!

  • Has Ryan Howard really been less valuable this season than Jamey Carroll, Ike Davis, and Jeff Keppinger. By one measure, yes. Bill Baer explains.

  • I think this guy might have taken the lead in the Cubs' managerial sweepstakes.

  • If you want to hear what we've lost in Portland, here's Rich Burk with the Beavers' final radio broadcast (including a great pregame special that begins with a history of professional baseball in the city).

  • A week ago, I didn't think Felix Hernandez had a realistic shot at the Cy Young Award. A few days later, I started to wonder if I was wrong. And with this column by Michael Silverman -- an actual Cy Young voter -- I think this thing might actually happen. It probably won't. But Hernandez will get some first-place votes.

  • After looking at this, the mind reels with what Jason Heyward might do, if healthy for a whole season.

  • Here's something you don't see every day: the Padres' offense ... in the form of a sonnet.

  • In the immortal words of Bart Simpson: I didn't do it.

  • I like what Jonathan Sanchez did in his last start (hint: look at the back of the mound).

  • Memo to aspiring writers: Please read this interview with Joe Posnanski.

  • Hey, at least Tony La Russa knows that he's sometimes (often?) condescending and rude.

  • Good seats (as they say) are still available for the battle between the two best baseball teams on the planet.