Phillies fans already giving up on 2015

The first unofficial game of spring training took place on Sunday, with the Phillies losing 6-2 to Tampa. That's the University of Tampa, a Division II program, not the Tampa that's in the major leagues. When I first saw the score I assumed that the Phillies had just sent a bunch of Class A kids out there or somethingm but that wasn't the case. Of the 14 position players who got into the game for Philadelphia, 12 have appeared in the majors. The reliever who allowed four runs and lost the game was Nefi Ogando, who is on the Phillies' 40-man roster even though he sported a 6.27 ERA in Double-A last year.

OK, so most of these players won't be on the Phillies' Opening Day roster. It's still an embarrassment. And Twitter reacted appropriately.