MLB predictions: The final standings

Just so I'm on record so you can mock me at the end of the season, my predicted final standings, with a few adjustments from my pre-spring training power rankings due to injuries or slightly different evaluations:


Baltimore Orioles -- 88-74

Boston Red Sox -- 86-76

Toronto Blue Jays -- 85-77

New York Yankees -- 79-83

Tampa Bay Rays -- 74-88

A healthy Manny Machado and more productive Chris Davis will help ease the loss of Nelson Cruz. ... Red Sox will look a lot better when they trade for Cole Hamels or Johnny Cueto in July. ... I had the Blue Jays in the playoffs before the Marcus Stroman injury, as I projected him to develop into a legit No. 1 starter. ... The Yankees are too old (one regular under 30) and dependent on too many starters with health risks. ... The Rays were already on shaky ground before spring injuries landed Alex Cobb and Drew Smyly on the disabled list.


Cleveland Indians -- 90-72

Detroit Tigers -- 83-79

Chicago White Sox -- 82-80

Kansas City Royals -- 80-82

Minnesota Twins -- 68-94

Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco could be the best one-two punch in the AL and look for a big bounce-back season from Jason Kipnis. ... The Detroit rotation is suddenly full of question marks behind David Price, with Anibal Sanchez never having thrown 200 innings and Justin Verlander's uncertain level of production. ... It could all come together for the White Sox behind a big top three rotation of Chris Sale, Jeff Samardzija and Jose Quintana and an MVP-type year from Jose Abreu. ... The Royals still have a bullpen and defense, but no power and they'll miss James Shields. ... The Twins have offensive ability, but the outfield defense is suspect and the rotation still shaky after Phil Hughes.


Seattle Mariners -- 89-73

Los Angeles Angels -- 87-75

Houston Astros -- 82-80

Oakland Athletics -- 79-83

Texas Rangers -- 69-93

The Mariners have two of the most durable stars in the game in Felix Hernandez and Robinson Cano, some new right-handed punch in the lineup and a potential breakout star in Taijuan Walker. ... Mike Trout should once again be the best all-around player in the league but can Garrett Richards and Matt Shoemaker match their 2014 performance? ... The Astros are going to strike out a million times but they're going to be fun to watch with George Springer, Jose Altuve and company plus a better bullpen will be a big factor. ... The A's will again attempt to mix and match in the lineup but they've lost a lot of home runs. ... Yu Darvish's season-ending injury erased any hope of the Rangers bouncing back from 2014 as the rotation and bullpen look pretty weak.


Washington Nationals -- 95-67

New York Mets -- 84-78

Miami Marlins -- 80-82

Atlanta Braves -- 68-94

Philadelphia Phillies -- 65-97

You worry about Anthony Rendon's knee, but with their rotation the Nationals should blow through the regular season. ... Zack Wheeler's injury makes me a little less enthusiastic about the Mets, and I have to remember that they're the Mets with maybe the worst ownership in the game. ... The Marlins have a great outfield but the rotation depth is severely lacking, even with the anticipated midseason return of Jose Fernandez. ... The Braves are going to be inept at the plate and just traded away the best closer in the game. ... I may be optimistic about the Phillies winning 65 games.


Pittsburgh Pirates -- 91-71

St. Louis Cardinals -- 88-74

Chicago Cubs -- 84-78

Milwaukee Brewers -- 78-84

Cincinnati Reds -- 77-85

After falling just short the past two seasons, the Pirates edge past the Cardinals this year as Andrew McCutchen wins MVP honors and Gerrit Cole develops into an ace. ... If Adam Wainwright and Michael Wacha each make 30 starts, the Cardinals will be tough to beat, but there are some age and power concerns in the lineup. ... The Cubs should make big strides and you don't have to stretch your imagination to envision a playoff team. ... If Ryan Braun puts up numbers similar to a few years ago and Jonathan Lucroy has another MVP-type season, the Brewers will contend if the thin rotation stays healthy. ... Reds are difficult to project as Joey Votto and Jay Bruce could lift the offense but the back end of the rotation has to deliver.


Los Angeles Dodgers -- 92-70

San Diego Padres -- 88-74

San Francisco Giants -- 85-77

Colorado Rockies -- 69-93

Arizona Diamondbacks -- 65-97

The Dodgers have Clayton Kershaw and position player depth, but the bullpen is undermanned and the rotation is thin if injury-prone starters Brett Anderson or Brandon McCarthy get injured. ... I've revised my thoughts on the Padres, despite the obvious concerns about the outfield defense and infield offense, as I think the James Shields-Andrew Cashner-Tyson Ross-Ian Kennedy foursome will be excellent and now they've added Craig Kimbrel in the ninth. ... No respect for the defending champs! ... The Rockies are starting Kyle Kendrick on Opening Day. ... The Diamondbacks are kind of a mess.


AL wild card -- Angels over Red Sox

ALDS -- Angels over Indians

ALDS -- Mariners over Orioles

ALCS -- Mariners over Angels

NL wild card -- Cardinals over Padres

NLDS -- Nationals over Cardinals

NLDS -- Pirates over Dodgers

NLCS -- Pirates over Nationals

World Series -- Pirates over Mariners