Can Twins take advantage of Yanks' weakness?

It's About the Money and Nick's Twins Blog have teamed up to preview the Yankees-Twins Division Series, and here's one bit of their latest installment:

    IIATMS: With Sabathia and Pettitte going in Games 1-2 and 4-5 (if needed), how much concern do you have about the lineup’s ability to score? The team is markedly weaker against lefties. Everyone loves Jim Thome but he’s posting a .241/.298/.471 slash line against lefties this year. And Mauer isn’t exactly healthy, either.

    NTB: It’s absolutely a major concern. The impetus will be on the lineup’s right-handed hitters to step up and perform against these starters, which is a bit alarming since Michael Cuddyer had a very pedestrian year and rookie Danny Valencia saw his bat cool off considerably in the final week or so of the season. The key hitter in these games may very well be Delmon Young, who will probably bat from the clean-up spot.

Gee, this doesn't sound real good for the Twins, does it? When their key hitter might, in four of five games, be Delmon Young?

As somebody somewhere pointed out, the Twins were a really good offensive club this season ... except roughly half their goodness derived from Justin Morneau's incredible first half. Without Morneau, the Twins' attack is just decent.

The Yankees' weak underbelly is obviously their starting pitching, other than CC Sabathia. It's not at all clear that the Twins are well-equipped to take advantage.