ICYMI: SweetSpot hits of the week

How long will the current ride, good or bad, last for your favorite team? In the May 15 edition of the ESPN SweetSpog Blog ICYMI, our writers talk about the highlights and brownouts that have happened in 2015. Feel free to comment below or ask us questions on Twitter!

In Case You Missed It ...

Arizona Diamondbacks: Inside the 'Zona

Hill trade prospects given recent offensive surge: After an April that was his worst offensive month in nearly 10 years, Aaron Hill has been absolutely on fire in May -- one of the majors' three hottest hitters. Ryan P. Morrison examines whether that breathes new life into the possibility of a trade, and where those fits might be. Twitter: @ryanpmorrison

Baltimore Orioles: Camden Depot

The good and the bad for Norris: Bud Norris has had a rough start to the 2015 season. Ryan Romano looks at some positives and negatives for Norris and notes that a complete rebound is unlikely. Twitter: @CamdenDepot

Colorado Rockies: Rockies Zingers

Luck on the Rocks: Richard Bergstrom looks at the Rockies' playoff runs in 2007 and 2009 and talks about why one bad month isn't a reason to give up on a team. Twitter: @RockiesZingers

Milwaukee Brewers: Disciples of Uecker

"Smartbuilding #1: Atlanta Braves": Nicholas Zettel begins a series to analyze some of the most active offseasons for 2014 in order to find lessons for the Brewers. The Braves' recent retool presents a model for shedding contracts, completely flooding the minors with prospects, and also adding competitive MLB talent. Twitter: @spectivewax

Minnesota Twins: Twins Daily

Is the Twins' rotation turning around? After three straight seasons at the very bottom of the AL, the Minnesota rotation is finally showing signs of legitimate improvement. But is the progress sustainable? Twitter: @TwinsDaily

New York Mets: MetsToday.com

Punchless Mets are fading fast: After starting 15-5, the Mets lost 10 of their next 15 despite posting the league's best ERA in May. Why? Their offense has the league-lowest batting average and the least runs scored for the month as well. Dan Capwell compares the Mets' sudden fade to a real-estate investment gone awry, suggesting it's time to remove the mold and make capital improvements. Twitter: @metstoday

New York Yankees: It's About The Money, Stupid

The strangest outfield ever: EJ Fagan looks back at one of the oddest of baseball quirks: The University of Texas' Clark Field, which featured a multi-tiered outfield and was the home of the Longhorns up until 1974.

Twitter: @ejfagan

St. Louis Cardinals: Fungoes

The best-pitched game against the Cardinals of all time: Eight pitchers have no-hit the St. Louis Cardinals. But no pitcher has ever dominated them like Corey Kluber did Wednesday night in Cleveland. Twitter: @fungoes

Tampa Bay Rays: The Process Report

Previewing Bellatti: Adam Sobsey provides some guest analysis on recent Rays callup Andrew Bellatti. Twitter: @Sobsey

Toronto Blue Jays: Blue Jays Plus

One at-bat: Sanchez versus Bogaerts

Post Summary: Greg Wisniewski breaks down the face-off between Aaron Sanchez and Xander Bogaerts in this week's edition of "One At-Bat." Twitter: @coolhead2010