MLB considering a new Disabled List

A special DL, just for guys with concussions? It might happen:

    Major League Baseball is considering a 7-day disabled list for players with concussions.

The new DL could be instituted as soon as next season, the person told the AP, speaking on condition of anonymity because the proposal is in the preliminary stages.

A 7-day DL will be considered this offseason by a new concussion subcommittee that is being formed under baseball's medical advisory committee, the person said. If the subcommittee OKs the idea, it would need to be approved by commissioner Bud Selig, then the players' union. Craig Calcaterra asks a couple of good questions:

1. Have there been many players with concussions who were ready to play after just one week?


2. Is this just a PR move, so MLB can claim to be doing something?

Like Craig, I'm an inveterate skeptic and pessimist. This time, though? I don't really see that MLB gains anything from a PR move, because MLB hasn't really been taking any heat on this issue. In fact, the opposite; I think most observers have applauded how Jason Bay and Justin Morneau have been handled.

My guess? There are more concussions than we know about, most of them not nearly as serious as Bay's and Morneau's, many of them requiring just a few days out of the lineup. This idea is, I'm guessing, designed to give the teams a little more flexibility when one of their guys has a bad headache that won't go away.

Hey, look at me -- ever the gullible optimist.