Rangers news goes from bad to worse

When it rains, it pours:

    Rangers manager Ron Washington said the club will make a move to replace Alexi Ogando on the World Series roster after the reliever left the game in the sixth inning with a strained left oblique muscle.

    "We'll make a move, but he's through," Washington said after his team's 4-0 loss to San Francisco that put the Rangers in a 3-1 hole in the best-of-seven series. "He was doing a great job, too, but that's the way it goes sometimes."


    The Rangers didn't say who they would add to the roster before Game 5 on Monday night. Texas has to win to force the World Series back to San Francisco, where the Rangers lost the first two games.

Dustin Nippert's leading at the turn, which must have everyone associated with the Rangers turning cartwheels. Because the No. 1 ingredient in a three-game winning streak against a good team is a middle reliever with a strained relationship with the strike zone. Nothing like a couple of walks in the sixth inning to inspire the troops, don't you know.

Seriously, this is just another headache for Ron Washington. For most of the season, he was blessed with four excellent right-handed relievers: Ogando, Frank Francisco, Darren O'Day and Neftali Feliz.

Now he's down to just two. And he won't use one of them unless the Rangers are either protecting a tiny lead or trailing by six runs in the ninth.