My dozen favorite baseball movies

Inspired by this crazy list of the 50 best baseball movies, I came up with my own list of baseball movies I can tolerate:

1. Bull Durham

2. The Natural

3. Eight Men Out

4. The Bad News Bears

5. Fever Pitch

6. 61*

7. Major League

8. A League of Their Own

9. Pride of the Yankees

10. The Sandlot

11. Mr. Baseball

12. The Rookie

Essentially, those are the baseball movies I don't actively dislike.

I do have a soft spot in my heart for baseball movies made in the '40s and '50s that featured ex-major leaguers in small roles (usually, though not always, playing themselves). For example, The Stratton Story isn't a particularly good movie -- not to my modern eyes, anyway -- but it's a real kick to see Gene Bearden and Jimmy Dykes and Bill Dickey on the screen. I'm sure that Big Leaguer is lame (I've not actually seen it) ... but hey, there's Carl Hubbell!

Really, once you get past the first five or six on my list, I might not watch any of them again. But such a short list would probably seem abbreviated if not pretentious. So I stretched.

And yes, I'm happy to argue over everything. I'm absolutely sure I left off one of your personal favorites (on purpose), and probably forgot one or two good ones (not on purpose). Have at it.

Postcript: I need to see it again to be sure, but I suspect that if I make this list again a year from now, Sugar will appear.