Wednesday Wangdoodles

Please forgive today's links for their seeming brevity; there are actually plenty of words in there, once you get to clicking. They promise ...

  • Graham Womack put an immense amount of work into his latest effort, a voting-driven list of the 50 greatest players not in the Hall of Fame. I would move Bobby Grich up, and Darrell Evans way up. It's a solid list, though, and a wonderful little historical tour.

  • Hey, if it were so easy to find average players, everybody would do it.

  • In the wake of Monday's Hall of Fame announcement, Tom Verducci had some 'splaining to do. And boy, did he do some good 'splaining.

  • Presented, without editorial comment, for your enthusiasm or entertainment or horror or whatever.

  • What do you do with "untradeable" contracts? It's baby-simple. As Paul Francis Sullivan writes, you just trade them for other untradeable contracts.

  • Honestly, I don't how Posnanski does it. Honestly, it's actually a little exasperating if you're in the same business as him (which I am, basically). Still, grace demands that I simply doff my cap when he cranks out a few thousand words like it's nothing, and invents a brilliant new word like it's next to nothing. Damn him.