Monday Mendozas

Today's links speak for themselves ...

  • Two related items, one about a particularly well-paid mascot and the other a whimsical bit of verse with a surprising vintage.

  • Sandy Alderson's making friends with bloggers, and Amazin' Avenue has all the friendly details.

  • I've been enjoying King Kaufman's return to the InterWeb, and his latest entry about replacement players is essentially if you're late to the game (or just enjoy deft writing).

  • Saturday in Seattle the fans turned out to celebrate Dave Niehaus, and erstwhile Portland Beavers broadcaster Rich Burk has posted a 2006 interview with Niehaus.

  • I'll be honest: I'm not exactly sure who the audience is for a book about being the Indians' bullpen catcher for three seasons in the 1960s. Well, except I know the audience includes me, because I read Thomas A. Tomsick's "Strike Three! My Years in the Pen" in the course of one weekend.

  • For at least two reasons, I'm not in the habit of plugging the offerings of other networks. But if you've any interest in baseball before (most of) you were born and you've got the MLB Network on your television machine, you simply must watch this.

  • Retrosheet's Tom Ruane is back with another information-filled review, this time of the early 1950s. It's like history class, except more fun.

  • Too soon? I don't know what the rules are. I'm definitely less sensitive about these things than the average bear. So, yeah: If somebody wants to argue that the Cubs' next radio analyst should be better than the last one, I'm not going to quibble.