Yankees are winning? OK, but Carlos Correa hit a monster home run

The biggest blunder of the offseason? It has to go to Nike for not signing Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa. The second-year phenom signed a five-year endorsement deal with adidas in February, but here's the hitch: According to this report in the Houston Chronicle, "Correa was previously signed to Nike, making $2,500 in his rookie season as part of a standard minor league contract. Nike had the first right of refusal this offseason, so they could have matched adidas' offer, but chose not to."

Correa himself explained in an essay this week on SoleCollector.com titled "Baseball Is Not Dying," why he signed with adidas, writing, "The decision was simple: Because other brands are stuck in the past. My decision to sign with adidas hinged on the opportunity to define what that future of baseball will look like. They looked for an opportunity to do things in a different way and presented a new way of thinking about baseball, fusing performance and style."

OK, that's some good corporate speak, but this part is the truth: Correa is the future of baseball. Actually, that's not quite right. He's the present of baseball. That 462-foot home run off Michael Pineda? That would have ranked tied for the 32nd-longest home run last season out of the 4,909 that were hit.

This is from a shortstop who's just 21 years old. Yes, the kid has performance and plenty of style.

Get those commercials rolling, adidas.