Friday Filberts

Today's links will cost you $2 million unless you consult your local district attorney, in which case they're absolutely free ...
• I don't really know how to summarize this story with any sort of brevity, so I'll just suggest that you click on the thingamajig.

• Apparently baseball cards are slumping. Shocking, right? After all, the cheap cards are terribly lame and the expensive cards are too expensive. Why wouldn't everyone rush to Target to snap those up?

• Forbes Magazine (and Tom Boswell) say the Nationals are swimming in cash. The Nationals' owner says that's crazy talk. I link, you decide.

• You have to love the InterWeb.

• Via Gelf Magazine and David Roth's big interview with Joe Posnanski, we've got a new name for JoePo: "the Sportswriting Machine."

Nick Swisher Twitters. That's not so strange. I'm sure that scores of baseball players tweet; I follow Ryan Rowland-Smith, C.J. Wilson, and Chris "Disco" Hayes. No, what's strange is that Nick Swisher is heading toward one million followers. With tweets like this: "Let's go! Let's get this one today!" We live in strange times, my friends.

• Courtesy of It's About the Money (Stupid!) (and Spike Lee): Worst. Hat. Ever.

• You might think the last thing we need is a website devoted exclusively to independent baseball leagues. If so, good sir, I must heartily dissent. I say that is exactly what we need.