Francisco Lindor wants to take Derek Jeter to Chick-fil-A

Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor discusses his dream of meeting his idol, his horrible singing voice -- and the great news he got just before Game 7 of the World Series. Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

For a 23-year-old in just his third big-league season, shortstop Francisco Lindor has accomplished a lot. In 2015, Lindor, a former first-round draft pick, was the runner-up for the AL Rookie of the Year Award. Last year, he was an All-Star, won his first Gold Glove and finished in the top 10 in the MVP balloting. Most important, he helped lead the Cleveland Indians to their first Fall Classic appearance since last millennium. Still, there’s a lot left for Lindor to do -- like learning to carry a tune, meeting Derek Jeter and, of course, winning a World Series.

Favorite movie: "'Miracle.' I love that movie. The first time I saw it was when I was 15. I was playing for Team USA in Taiwan, and they played that movie the night before the championship. They put us in a room, and we all watched it together. I was so fired up, and we won. So that stuck in my head. After that, I wasn't saying my name. I was saying USA."

Hidden talent: "I like to think I can sing, but I can't. I definitely know I can't. When I let it out, people don't like it. I like salsa, merengue, reggaeton, hip-hop -- whatever's on the radio. I sing everywhere. I don't care. I sing all the time in the shower. I'm always jammin' in the car. I'm not shy when it comes to that."

Dream dinner date: "Derek Jeter. I was a rookie in '15, and he retired in '14, so I never had the chance to meet him. I’ve never even seen him in person. I would like to sit down and just talk to him and just see how he is. I think that would be a very cool experience. I'd probably take him to Chick-fil-A, somewhere we could just chill and talk. I love Chick-fil-A. The milkshakes are unreal."

Pastime passion: "I like paintball. I got a couple guns and a couple masks. I've got a P4. I've got a Spyder. I have a G3. I play in Orlando, or where I grew up in Clermont, which is like 20 minutes from Orlando. There's a lot of trees and stuff. Whenever I want to be serious, we go to an actual paintball place. It’s me, my cousin and a bunch of minor league friends that I train with. But whenever we just want to waste some paint, then we just go into the trees and let it go."

Favorite book: "'The Alchemeist,' by Paulo Coelho. It's like a bible. Every time I read it, it keeps me true to myself. I’ve read it at least three times. I carry it with me in my suitcase. I read it in both languages. I have the Spanish version -- 'El Alchemista' -- but I left it at home. I usually carry the English one."

Best advice: "Dustin Pedroia told me once that you never know how long a kid's been saving money to go watch you play when you're coming to their city, so you gotta give it your all every day. That's something that's stuck with me. He told me that before a game in Cleveland, in the dugout. That's one thing I'll never forget."

Biggest challenge: "My sister's cervical cancer. That was tough. She tried to keep it away from me, not overload me with stuff. But that was a tough moment in my life. It was last year, around this time. She did chemo and radiation and then surgery. She had to tell me because she was going to go through the process, so she had to let me know. But she kept most of the things away from me. She kept me updated. I found out that she beat it on the day of Game 7 of the World Series, on the way to the field. She called me, and I picked up. She was like, 'Hey, I'm cancer-free.' And I said, 'God, thank you. Today we have one victory. Whatever happens today, whether we win or lose, I'm happy.'"