Padres uniform history: The final vote!

No, we didn't forget. It's time for the long-awaited, much-anticipated showdown for the ages: Which has been the best San Diego Padres uniform OF ALL TIME? The four decade winners are below. Study the uniforms closely, soak in the beauty of the brown and vote for your favorite.

Willie McCovey, 1975

Garry Templeton, 1984

Kevin Brown, 1998

Trevor Hoffman, 2005

So there you go. I know it wasn't an easy choice. Which uniform did you vote for? Of the finalists, I guess I'd go for the Kevin Brown blue-and-orange pinstripes version, although it's difficult to pass on those awesomely ugly 1984 brown jerseys. Personally, I'm just disappointed the all-yellows didn't make it.

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