Friday Filberts

Today's links were compiled while I wrestled with an age-old question: Who really is the fastest "man" on earth?

* The Yankees aren't interested in Matt Holliday? All you Yankee-haters must hope that's just a smoke screen, because he's exactly the sort of player you should want them to sign. He's almost 30, and the only downtick in his recent career just happened to come when he played in the American League. Hrrrmmmm.

* From TangoTiger, a quick-and-dirty look at the huge difference between starting and relieving. Also from Tango -- and quite a bit more topically -- the insanity of intentionally walking A-Rod in Game 5.

* It warms the cockles of my heart to read such intelligent analysis in the Paper of Record.

* Something tells me that if this ends well for the Dodgers, it'll be a while yet. (An aside: A few years ago I heard Jamie McCourt speak to a few hundred people, and I got the distinct impression that she had no idea who she was talking to.)

* You didn't see it on TV, so here's the guy who made a mockery of those silly fake rocks in Anaheim (and no, he apparently was not drunk; he was just having fun!).

* From Mets Merized, a series of audio clips featuring the Brewers' new pitching coach.

* I knew the Hall of Fame voters were going to treat Tim Raines terribly. But I have absolutely no idea how they're going to treat Barry Larkin. Obviously, though, he should be elected.

* Speaking of milestones, Tim Wakefield wants to win 200 games (he's 11 sort). I think he'll do that, but I'd say he's about 50/50 to become the Red Sox' all-time leader (he needs 18 for that). Wouldn't the latter be a kick in the pants, though? Roger Clemens, Cy Young ... and Kid '66?