Kenny Bell signed a sweet potato, and it wasn't that weird for him

TAMPA, Fla. -- Just when you think you've seen it all at NFL training camps, last Friday, a little boy asked Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Kenny Bell to sign a raw sweet potato.

And of course, he obliged and flashed a big smile while doing it.

"It was just a really cute little kid and it's hard to say no to the kids when they ask you for autographs," said Bell, a fifth-round draft pick last year out of Nebraska.

Throughout training camp, he has frequented the kids-only autograph line for children ages 14 and under. Some would even say he belongs in that line. Known for his wild hair and even crazier antics, Bell built a fort out of blankets in his living room back in April and tweeted about it.

He also gifted the entire receiving corps with matching ugly Christmas sweaters that said "Bells will be ringing" and featured a cartoon image of him and his signature Afro.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! *repost*

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Interestingly enough, the spud wasn't the strangest piece of memorabilia or food item Bell has signed.

"The sweet potato's up there, but I signed a runza in Nebraska," said Bell, referring to the yeast dough bread pockets stuffed with beef, pork or cabbage that are quite popular in Husker nation.

"I signed a runza, the dude froze it and brought it back to me like two or three years later and asked me to sign it again. It was ... interesting."

Of course you can't talk to Bell, whose Twitter handle is @AFRO_THUNDER80 without inquiring about the hair. When it's time for water breaks during practice, his glorious mane sometimes gets a mist. On this particular day, he shook his hair right after, and several fans snapped photos.

Surprisingly, the upkeep isn't very challenging.

"That's only if you care about what you look like, and clearly I don't," Bell said, laughing. "It's literally just waking it up and picking it, and that's it."