Upon Further Review: Buccaneers Week 16

A review of four hot issues from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 23-13 loss to the St. Louis Rams:

The Schiano Watch. After trending upward briefly, coach Greg Schiano has lost his past two games. His team is 4-11. If Schiano closes out the season by losing his final three games, it's hard to imagine the Bucs keeping him around.

Glennon's rough day. It's easy to point at rookie quarterback Mike Glennon, who was sacked seven times, and direct blame. But Glennon got very little help from his offensive line and absolutely no help from a running game that's been terrible the past couple of weeks.

No imagination. Tampa Bay fans are hoping the people responsible for hiring the next head coach at Army didn't watch this game. Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, who has interviewed for the West Point job, didn't have a good game plan. The Bucs weren't able to protect their quarterback or run the ball.

Something positive. I had to look long and hard for this one. But Gerald McCoy has a chance to join some elite company. He now has nine sacks on the season. If he can add one more in the season finale at New Orleans, he'll join Warren Sapp (three times) and Santana Dotson as the only defensive tackles in franchise history to reach double-digit sacks in a season.