Keep an eye on Derek Carr

There’s been a lot of talk about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers perhaps drafting quarterback Johnny Manziel.

I think that remains a decent possibility. But I think there’s one other scenario involving a quarterback that nobody is talking about and maybe they should be.

It’s a bit outside the box, but I wouldn’t be totally shocked if the Bucs end up with Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr.

Hear me out on this one because there’s logic behind it. First off, I’m not saying the Bucs would take Carr at the No. 7 slot. But I think he could become a possibility if the Bucs trade down into the middle of the first round.

Carr has family history with Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford. Carr’s older brother, David, was coached by Tedford in college. Tedford is bound to have some say in the decision and he could push for the Bucs to take Carr.

There are several other things Carr has going for him. Most scouts seem to think Carr might be the most NFL-ready quarterback in this draft and they like his strong arm.

Again, I think Manziel remains a very real possibility. But if you hear the Bucs have traded down, start thinking about Carr.