Jeff Tedford coy about offense

TAMPA, Fla. -- Jeff Tedford came wearing sunglasses and a poker face.

For the better part of the next 15 minutes, the offensive coordinator of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did a fine job of not showing his hand. The offensive scheme Tedford plans to run is the biggest mystery of this offseason for the Bucs.

Tedford didn’t do much to clear things up as he met with the media Tuesday afternoon. His answers were pleasant, but far from enlightening.

"Football is football really," Tedford said. "I think everybody just has to take the nomenclature and put it to what they’re used to that being. There’s no revelation about anything particularly different."

Throughout the offseason, Tampa Bay's players have been careful not to reveal much about the offense the former University of California coach is bringing. As he was being asked about his offense by the media, there were times when Tedford resembled a policeman trying to disburse a crowd by saying "There’s nothing to see here."

"There's nothing earth shattering about it," Tedford said. "Everybody has different tempos that they go at, so there’s nothing earth shattering about it. Football is football. It’s about matchups and getting things done with personnel and making sure we’re putting people in the right position. And execution, that’s what it’s about. No matter how much you think you can trick people, it still comes down to execution. It’s not about tricking people. Obviously you need to keep people off balance with certain phases of the game and we'll try to do that. But there’s really nothing earth shattering about anything going on."

The one clue players have provided is a common theme that the offense will be more up tempo than it was last year. But Tedford said the tempo will vary depending on the situation.

"There are different phases of it from time to time," Tedford said. "Everybody runs a two-minute scheme. Everybody has to have a two-minute in their offense. Of course, we do. We've been able to utilize that a little bit. We're in different tempos. We huddle quite a bit as well. There’s really nothing much different than what you would normally see from time to time of somebody just going into a two-minute offense if need be."

Looks like we'll have to wait until at least the preseason before we really start figuring out what Tedford's offense is all about.