Richie Incognito to Bucs? Doubt it

TAMPA, Fla. -- A portion of callers to talk radio and fans on social media have been suggesting the Bucs should sign guard Richie Incognito.

Cognito was the player at the center of controversy in Miami last year and remains a free agent. Coach Lovie Smith was asked about potential interest in Incognito after the Bucs struggled in the interior offensive line in their preseason opener.

As you would expect from Smith, he gave the politically-correct answer.

“All players that are available we look to see if they would fit into our program,’’ Smith said. “All players, I’ll just kind of leave it at that. If we’re really interested in someone we’ll bring him in. We’re looking at everyone constantly, not just now. Every position.’’

Smith wouldn’t tip his hand as to whether Incognito is a possibility for the Bucs. He just talked in general terms.

“We consider everything, the total player and what he brings,’’ Smith said. “Off the field, on the field, the total package comes into play for every player that we evaluate. Every player that we draft, that we sign in free agency. It’s very important that a player fits in the locker room. If the player doesn’t fit in the locker room, we have to go in a different direction. It’s as simple as that. You have to be accepted in there. And I’m not talking about anybody in particular.’’

My take on the possibility of bringing in Incognito? I say it’s an extreme long shot. Smith doesn’t seem to like controversy and Incognito, who was only an ordinary player, would bring plenty of controversy.