Lovie Smith won't touch QB question yet

TAMPA, Fla. – If the Buccaneers have a quarterback controversy, coach Lovie Smith is doing his best not to fuel it.

A day after backup Mike Glennon sparked the Bucs to their first win of the season (a 27-24 defeat of Pittsburgh), Smith wasn’t in the mood to say if Glennon did enough to take the job away from Josh McCown, who sat out with a thumb injury.

“Are you asking me to name our starting quarterback right now?’’ Smith asked rhetorically.

Like many coaches, Smith is very tight-lipped when it comes to injury and strategy, and Monday was no exception.

“What I do is look at who’s available at the time and who gives us our best chance to win at all positions,’’ Smith said. “We’ll do the same thing when Josh gets back. He’s not back yet.’’

It remains to be seen when McCown will be back. But, after Glennon’s big game, Smith is getting second-guessed in the media and by fans for not opening the season with the second-year quarterback.

“I don’t have any regrets,’’ Smith said. “We let things play out. I tell guys that you start off with a group and eventually where you belong that’s where you’ll end up. So I have no regrets at all.’’

Smith previously has called Glennon the quarterback of the future. But the coach said he wasn’t surprised Glennon did so well in his first start of the season.

“I saw the same guy I’ve seen with everything else I’ve asked him to do,’’ Smith said. “Poised, confident player that can play football. When you’re labeled quarterback of the future, that’s what you’re supposed to do when you come out. The future was in front of us a little bit earlier than the initial plan, but you need to be ready at all times. How he handled it right there at the end, having to make that final throw, I can’t say enough.’’