Vincent Jackson doesn't want to be traded

TAMPA, Fla. – Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson reportedly is drawing heavy interest from around the league as Tuesday’s trading deadline approaches.

Several media outlets have reported the Bucs have been getting a lot of calls about Jackson. But coach Lovie Smith said Jackson is not being shopped around the league.

“In this business, those things get talked about quite often," Jackson said. "Each and every year there are going to be guys [who] are moved around different teams. I’m not surprised by it. Obviously, I appreciate, I guess, the interest. But I’m happy here in Tampa. I’ve heard nothing here that would suggest that I’m going anywhere. So I’m just going to let that pass on and keep doing my job.

It would be understandable if Jackson, 31, wanted to go to a playoff contender. But Jackson said Thursday he wants to stay in Tampa. Even though the Bucs are off to a 1-5 start, Jackson said he believes things will turn around under Smith, who is in his first season, and the Bucs soon will be winners.

“That’s exactly what I want to do here. I think bringing Lovie in and the staff that he’s brought and his mentality and his goals are aligned with mine and I think a lot of guys in this locker room. I hope for us to start the tradition here of winning football in Tampa Bay. I hope to stay in this uniform and this jersey and help bring that.’’